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Lawn Mowing Service in Jacksonville FL

Almost everyone mows their lawns themselves. Lawn mowing is one of the most common forms of lawn care as well as one of the standards of landscaping practice. In most cases, a period of 30 minutes is enough to mow your home lawn although most people tend to believe that lawn mowing is a simple task that anyone can handle.  In reality mowing your lawn involves either cutting the grass to reduce its chances of survival. Lawn maintenance is crucial to enhance the density of your grass, in addition to making it more beautiful. 

Regular watering and fertilizing, and cutting of your lawn is essential it’s health The more often a person is about mowing their yard, the healthier it will be. Many people who can’t spend time attending to their yard elect to hire a lawn care service so that their lawn gets the proper maintenance it requires.

When a lawn is mowed correctly, the grass will grow strong and withstand drought and remain healthy. Grass can suffer from environmental stress and will find it difficult to thrive if not attended to on a regular schedule.

Cutting your yard should be scheduled in the early hours of the day, or in the evening. Mowing your grass during the day will only leave them in shock, because of too high of temperatures. Also, it is best to mow your lawn when the grass is dry – dry lawns will enable your mower to perform properly, while reducing the chances of your grass getting exposure to diseases.   Mowing your lawn correctly can be tricky. However, we have compiled a couple of useful tips that can help you mow your lawn properly when implemented. 

1. Choose the Right Mowing Height

Basically, the appropriate height to cut the grasses should be between 2 to 3 inches. Make sure that the blade is set correctly for accurate cutting, and mow regularly to avoid cutting beyond the third part of the grass. This way, the roots of your grass will become stronger and healthier.

2. Avoid Cutting Too Short

Lawn grass will lose moisture at a breakneck pace and also provide a suitable habitat for weed growth and disease invasion when you cut them extremely short.

3. Use a Sharp Mowing Blade

Using a sharp blade is crucial to having a clean and balanced cut; a blunt blade will most likely rip out the grass tissue, and consequently, some tans or brown cast will be seen on the lawn. Also, when you rip the tissues of your grasses, they will be susceptible to diseases.

4. Grass Cycling

This method is also known as mulching. It is the process of leaving a suitable amount of grass clippings on the lawn. These glass clippings will reduce the need for fertilizer because they contain the essential nutrients which the grass needs to thrive. However, keep in mind that too much clippings is detrimental to your lawn. 

5. Switch Directions

Considering that the cut grass will lie slightly after being mowed, it is crucial to change directions with each mowing session, so that the cut grass does not overlap. Also, changing the direction will help to reduce wear and soil compaction. In all, develop, adopt, and stick to a specific mowing pattern.


Lawn fertilization is crucial to maintaining a beautiful lawn for a long period. Grass needs every nutrient for excellent growth, just like any other plants. Sometimes, it might be impossible for grass to get all the nutrients they need through the soil – in this case, fertilizing will come quite handy. Lawn fertilization provides nutrients for the plants, which in turn improve the overall growth of the lawn. Aside from having a green and healthy lawn, the grass must have a high water absorption rate, be resistant to pests, have fewer weeds within its vicinity, and should be able to compete well in absorbing natural nutrients from the ground.

Lawn fertilization will help to achieve that beautiful lawn you have always wanted. Fertilization is crucial for the lawn to thrive quite well, and you can only get it right when you have a good knowledge about what your grass needs, and how frequently the nutrients should be supplied. Keep in mind that these demands will depend on the area where your lawn is located.

Applying fertilizer to your lawn may look easy, but an effective lawn fertilizing schedule comes with several difficulties. If applied in excess, your lawn would get burnt. When in insufficient amount, your lawn will be vulnerable to stunted growth and infestation by weeds. So, it is crucial to know how to balance the fertilizer use, if you want to have a healthy lawn. Annual fertilizer feeding during the fall is beneficial to most grasses for your lawn to thrive during the winter with adequate nutrients. Also, springtime is excellent for lawn fertilization.

Lawn Aeration

One of the lawn care near me treatments is aeration – a technique which entails puncturing of soil to create small holes that allow the absorption of nutrients, water, and air from the soil into the roots of grass. This leaves the roots stronger and increases their penetrating ability, thus giving you a healthy lawn.

You have to aerate your land to reduce soil compaction. When your soil is too compact, it adversely affects the circulation of air, nutrients, and water within the soil. Compaction of soil can occur if too much solid particles are present within the soil space. Compacted soil has to be aerated routinely, so that the roots remain healthy and functional. The presence of too much debris or lawn thatches beneath the lawn will inhibit the absorption of necessary nutrients by the root.

The right time to aerate your lawn is during the grasses growing season. For cool-season grass, the optimal aeration time is in the early period of spring or fall while the right time for warm-season grass is during the late spring. The reason is that the grass will be able to grow and fill up any free space in the soil during these times. Perhaps you’ve realized that your lawn needs air, water and nutrients? Below are useful tips applicable when preparing for lawn aeration:

⦁ Make sure that the soil possesses sufficient moisture before doing lawn aeration. It is advisable to water your lawn a day before aeration or perform aeration the day after it rained.

⦁ Before lawn aeration, you should use marking flags to indicate the points of septic lines – or irrigation-sprinkler heads and other utilities placed in the soil.

Lawn Seeding

Some lawns may require the addition of extra seed periodically. Sometimes just treating your yard might be all you need to take your lawn care service near me back to its picture perfect condition.

For lawns with bare patches or bald spots, you can call for the service of our technicians; they will first prepare your ground for seed application. The next is the lawn seeding procedure, and this will be done on the grassless areas of your lawn, so that they match the grassy areas. It is crucial to ensure that the soil and light conditions are suitable for the strains of grains that will be used.

If you’re overall grass cover is slimmer than required, our team at Yard Works of Jacksonville FL will do an over-seeding treatment. This treatment entails a balanced distribution of new grass over the existing ones. The result will be a stronger and healthier lawn, which can withstand the test of time while maintaining an appealing appearance. You can read more about us here

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